January 8

Why Do Snakes Shed?

Snakes shed quite frequently, but it really depends on what type of snake it is. Young snakes shed two to four times a year, because they grow so fast. After they are an adult it’s about twice a year. Its awesome to watch, what is actually happening is they are just growing out of their skin. In reality all animals shed their skin. We as humans shed our skin, but we never see it. Reptiles however are different.

As snakes grow its skin becomes stretched and worn. When it reaches a point where it cannot grow anymore a new skin will grow underneath. When the new skin has grown older skin must come off. Before the snake sheds the skin becomes pale and the snakes eyes will become a bluish gray. This is because a fluid builds up underneath the skin and this helps with the shedding process. Snakes that people keep as pets may be irritable during this time and hide because they cannot see that well. I have seen people put them in the bathtub to help with his shedding process. It softens the dead skin and helps the snake shed faster. My cousin keeps a ball python at The Woodlands Pressure Washing. Personally I don’t see why people would keep these things as pets, but hey to each their own.

Although people say snakes shed their skin, they just get rid of an extra layer. After they have grown out of this layer a new one will take its place. No matter how much we learn about about snake shedding and why they do it, It always interesting to watch. The scientific word for shedding is called Ecdysis. But most people just refer to this as shedding. After this process, they keep the same color and pigment and the next layer stay’s the same. The snake will be more shiny than before the shedding. While they are going through this process they will not eat, so expect them to be hungry one this process is over with.

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