January 8

Why Do Snakes Shed?

Snakes shed quite frequently, but it really depends on what type of snake it is. Young snakes shed two to four times a year, because they grow so fast. After they are an adult it’s about twice a year. Its awesome to watch, what is actually happening is they are just growing out of their skin. In reality all animals shed their skin. We as humans shed our skin, but we never see it. Reptiles however are different.

As snakes grow its skin becomes stretched and worn. When it reaches a point where it cannot grow anymore a new skin will grow underneath. When the new skin has grown older skin must come off. Before the snake sheds the skin becomes pale and the snakes eyes will become a bluish gray. This is because a fluid builds up underneath the skin and this helps with the shedding process. Snakes that people keep as pets may be irritable during this time and hide because they cannot see that well. I have seen people put them in the bathtub to help with his shedding process. It softens the dead skin and helps the snake shed faster. My cousin keeps a ball python at The Woodlands Pressure Washing. Personally I don’t see why people would keep these things as pets, but hey to each their own.

Although people say snakes shed their skin, they just get rid of an extra layer. After they have grown out of this layer a new one will take its place. No matter how much we learn about about snake shedding and why they do it, It always interesting to watch. The scientific word for shedding is called Ecdysis. But most people just refer to this as shedding. After this process, they keep the same color and pigment and the next layer stay’s the same. The snake will be more shiny than before the shedding. While they are going through this process they will not eat, so expect them to be hungry one this process is over with.

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October 6

Why Do Cats Purr?

People have incorrectly presumed that purring is a sign of happiness or how cats communicate with their kittens.  Stressful moments in a cat’s life may give researchers more insight than the moments when a cat is relaxed. The truth is that a cat will purr most when they are stressed, injured or in pain, such as when they are giving birth or visiting a veterinarian. This shows that not all purring cats are content or happy with the present environment.  So continues the debate on not only how cats purr, but why.

Scientists are demonstrating that a purr is produced through periodic signaling of laryngeal and diaphragmatic muscles. Purring results in both exhalation and inhalation, usually with a steady pattern and frequency somewhere between 25 and 150 Hertz. Studies have shown that frequencies in these ranges have been shown to promote healing and improve bone density.

The association between improved bone healing, muscle health and the frequencies of a cat’s purr is suggested to be helpful to humans. Astronauts especially have a genuine concern about muscle atrophy and bone density loss dmama-cat-kittenuring prolonged exposure to zero gravity.  Without the normal stresses of physical activity under Earths’ gravity, their musculo-skeletal systems weaken and lose posture control.

Cats are great at conserving energy during inactive time that go for long stretches. They stimulate bones and muscles without using much energy. It is no surprise that cats have earned the legend of having “nine lives”.  There is even a veterinary tale of a cat being able to reassemble the bones of another cat when placed in a room with all of their parts.  This feline mythology may be based off their ability to purr.

Fancy cat domestication and breeding is a relatively young practice compared to other species of pets.  Because of this cats are not displaying as many abnormalities in their bones and muscles as the other common domesticated pet, the dog.  Cat’s purring is believed to ease the syplasia or osteoporotic conditions that are found more often in their canid cousins.  Though tempting to believe that a cat purrs because they are content, it is more likely that purring is a means of potential self-healing and communication.


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August 29

Why Mosquitoes Suck Blood

Though mosquitoes don’t need blood to survive, they require it to give extra nutrients like protein and iron in order for them to reproduce. Male mosquitoes don’t suck blood for only the opposite reasons. They need blood for added nutrients, particularly for reproduction. The saliva injected into the body is the thing that causes the mosquito `bite’. This is going to be a wonderful chance for those larvae to suck your blood and mature.

Female mosquitoes are usually, generally in most mosquito’s species, those that suck blood. Keep in mind, mosquitoes suck. Technically, they do not really bite. Build a barrier that mosquitoes won’t cross!

Mosquito-sits-on-human-skin-and-sucks-blood-700x460There are various species of mosquitoes and also they can be seen in nearly all places of the planet. It’s safe to say that mosquitoes, however much we try, will forever with us. It really is noted that at there’s approximately 3,500 species of mosquitoes.

Only particular kinds of mosquitoes carry diseases. They are possibly the most hated insect ever and one of the biggest killers in the world. Mosquito diseases have become more of an increasing concern within the last decade or so.

Nobody likes being bit by means of a mosquito. The dengue mosquito is a significant insect that everybody should know. Another potential theory is it relates to the reality that garlic is really an organic mosquito repellent. The lifespan of the mosquito is fairly short.

Lemongrass is a wonderful all-natural mosquito repellent. Garlic also formed a handy mosquito repellent.

Eliminating any standing water will do away with the mosquitoes reproducing in your lawn. These breathe air by means of a siphon in the tail end. I mean ensure that your household area emits an obvious signal to mosquitoes that should they come here, they’re going to die.

The greatest method to steer clear of mosquitoes is to surely have a comprehensive plan to be sure no mosquito would like to be in your lawn. If they are allowed into your yard in spring, then they will be sure to find somewhere to procreate. Mosquitoes going into the area will settle on this particular foliage and certainly will get no more.


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August 10

Caterpillar to Butterfly Transformation

Among the most attractive transformations in all of nature must be the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. A wonderful quiet spot is the greatest location to watch your caterpillar become a butterfly. This may be a little creature completely, for instance a caterpillar, or simply part of one, such as the wings of the butterfly.

Caterpillar-To-Butterfly-ImagesAfter that it’s molting, or so the caterpillar will feed, also it has five instars. Children want to see the caterpillar grow within an adult butterfly, hence they’re sold and brought from a number of websites also.

The kids receive a kick out of it and it is an excellent way to demonstrate the stages of the caterpillar. In fact, there are four stages within the life cycle of the butterfly like egg, caterpillar, pupa as well as the butterfly stage. Not as it is a defect with all the toy, but because some parents may rather not must explain to their own children why Mr. or Mrs. caterpillar didn’t become a butterfly. Tell students that it’s the story of quite a hungry caterpillar which has something very special happen to him.

The inner part of the chrysalis that’s located beneath the gold crown turns to a jade-green liquid within the initial 16 hours, due to the disintegration of the several portions of the caterpillar’s own body. Inside this cycle, most regions of the caterpillar re-form to construct organs and tissues to form the butterfly. At a particular point within the caterpillar’s life, it begins to consume huge amounts of food. This definitely is a significant part the butterfly life cycle.

The final racking and you’re now prepared to plant your seeds. Removing the previous leaves each day is essential to raising a wholesome caterpillar. The time that it takes for an egg to hatch is based on the kind of butterfly as well as the climate.

The caterpillar starts to develop inside, drawing on the yolk material within the egg for nutrition. A favorite practice is also to fill the outline of the butterfly with a different design for example a tiger. This is actually the phase once the wings, antenna, along with the body of the butterfly will begin to form.

Not one of this walking across the park searching for the trees the butterflies like so that you can obtain the caterpillars. Butterfly eggs are observed on butterfly plant. Butterflies also go to the flowers. Butterfly gardens really don’t ha to be big.

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July 26

Daddy Longlegs and Venom

Many of us were taught that daddy longlegs were to be treated nicely. The spiders that are gangly hung around your home as well as seemed to just do their own thing didn’t do much to necessitate screaming or stomping on, in general. Yet others listened to a much more pernicious story: Daddy longlegs in fact possess effective poison. Often, it was stated that the only anything that would stop them from eliminating us all in our sleep was that their brief little fangs could not appropriately penetrate skin. Seem incredible?

Pholcus.phalangioides.6905First, let’s work with obtaining our “daddy longlegs” straight. It ends up that the patriarchy isn’t as plainly defined as we thought; we call a number of various spiders by the familiar name of daddy longlegs, and also– surprise– some of them typically aren’t also technically spiders.

Right here’s the bargain: There are 2 rather usual sorts of long-limbed animals we call daddy longlegs. Strangely, the scuttling anything that is most “correctly” called a daddy longlegs isn’t really also an arachnid. Rather, it’s of the Opiliones order. (They’re also frequently called harvestmen, simply to make things more difficult.).

You’re totally forgiven for assuming that harvestmen are crawlers; superficially, they resemble them a fair bit. They have the needed eight legs that are mandatory, which is necessary for an arachnid imposter.

However they do not have some of the qualities that make spiders what they are. They don’t have any kind of glands that make silk, so they’re not o catching prey that way. More crucial, they don’t have poison. So if you were to be bitten by this brand of daddy longlegs, all you would certainly get is a nip.

We’re refrained from doing yet, though. Individuals also frequently call storage spiders (of the family members Pholcidae) daddy longlegs, and also those are arachnids. This is probably what the spider people are thinking of when it concerns the myth that they have venom, due to the fact that they’re rather easy to find in the dark corners of your residence.

Misconception, nevertheless, it is. There’s no case documented of a crawler attacking a human and causing a reaction, and also there typically aren’t also researches concerning the toxicity of their poison on mammalian topics. So any insurance claim that their poison is especially harmful is patently incorrect.

Additionally, there’s that whole other report that storage spiders’ fangs are so short that they could not supply their deadly poison to people if they tried. They do have short fangs– yet so do brown hermit crawlers, which are flawlessly efficient in attacking people. Nonetheless, it’s possible there’s some musculature factor that cellar spiders would certainly have a more challenging time passing through, but it’s just that: a possibility. Up until now, there’s no scientific basis making it legitimat

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July 25

Can Your Dog Sense a Storm Brewing?

hero-thunderstormIf you have a dog, you may have noticed that he/she seems to know when a storm is coming in way before we do.  What exactly is it that allows them to know ahead of time?

As a lot of us understand, dogs do have a better sense of hearing than people, suggesting that they can listen to much greater as well as lower frequencies than we can. And some presume that dogs could listen to that remote, reduced grumbling of rumbling before people do, informing their proprietors to an approaching tornado. Likewise, while we have no idea exactly how far better canines are at detecting odors compared to human beings, we do understand they could spot scents in a lot higher information, having 20 times much more scent receptor cells. It stands to factor that if people can “smell” an approaching rain, dogs could too– as well as much sooner compared to a human. There’s also some concept that dogs– like different other animals– will react to changes in barometric pressure. So if you’re seeing a dog acting oddly, it might certainly be its reaction to a low-pressure system moving in.

Yet while these are all definitely fascinating ideas, there isn’t really enough solid, evidence-based study to provide this theory a firm green light. We must additionally make it clear that no scientist or researcher is suggesting that dogs (or pets generally) have some sort of telepathic capacity either to anticipate a forecast. There is no reason to think that dogs are doing anything aside from utilizing their biology to respond suitably to advising indications.

Some researchers, nonetheless, do believe that dogs could at least sense very early cautions– like refined tremblings before larger earthquakes– prior to humans. As well as by getting these hints, they might be making an altogether affordable choice to leave the location. Running to a forest, for example, is second-nature to an animal looking for cover. No intuition necessary, simply puts.