August 3

How Does a Cell Phone Work?

Have you ever wondered how a cell phone works?  Mobile phone communicate with “radio waves”. Those waves are a lot like the water waves. Think about if you were standing on one side of a pond, with a friend standing on the other side. If you drop a rock into that pond, it will create waves that will go in every direction and all the way to the other side of the pond where your friend is.

hqdefaultJust like water waves are sent out, your cellular phone sends out a radio wave. In order to find a cell tower, the radio wave goes in all directions.  A radio wave is then sent to the person you are calling from the cell tower.

Various radio waves mean various things. If you drop a big rock in the pond, the wave created will be big. If you drop a small one in the pond, the wave will be small. Imagine a big wave implying one point and also a small wave definition something else.  Imagine that the big wave is a 0 and the tiny wave is a 1. If you send ten waves out, it might look something similar to this: 0010010101. This number is known as binary. We could comprise a language as well as connect by waves.

Your cell phone uses the 1s and 0s to tell information about you such as your identity, who you are calling, and what you are wanting to say to the cell tower, that then sends it to the person you are calling. This pattern continues until someone hangs up.

Radio waves move at the speed of light and are almost instant.  This means there is hardly any kind of delay when on the phone. If you do find there is a delay, you should go to a cell phone repair store to have your phone checked out.

Computers are used to sort all the calls that come through the cell tower.  The tower gives the computer a new radio wave, then the computer looks for new calls to put through.

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